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Problems at work

Our employment law solicitors are expert in practical solutions to help you move forward from a difficult situation at work. We cover: settlement agreements, contracts, redundancy, discrimination, unfair dismissal, grievance hearings and tribunals. Tell us about the problem today.

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Employment legal advice for employees

Talking to an employment law specialist is important to help you make informed choices at what is often a stressful time. Our specialist services include: 

  • Settlement agreements – helping negotiate the agreement with your employer when things are not working out.
  • Redundancy – disputing redundancy, assessing exit packages and settlement agreements (and negotiating on your behalf) and advice on whether to pursue claims of unfair dismissal.
  • Employment Tribunal – advice on whether, and how, to take your case to tribunal.
  • TUPE transfer - advising on how your rights are protected if you are part of a TUPE transfer.
  • Employment contract law – clarifying what you are entitled to from your employer.
  • Workplace discrimination – including discrimination on the grounds of disability, age, race, gender or sexual orientation.
  • Whistleblowing – your rights if you make a disclosure covered by whistleblowing legislation.
  • Constructive dismissal – your rights if you feel you have to resign because your boss has made your work environment hostile to you.
  • Family-friendly employment rights – such as maternity and paternity leave and flexible working requests.
  • Grievance hearings – advice on HR processes your employer should follow to ensure you get a fair process

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What is a settlement agreement?

A settlement agreement is a legally binding agreement between employer and employee.  It would usually provide for a sum of money to be paid by the employer to the employee, in return for agreement by the employee, not to pursue any claims against the employer in the employment tribunal or courts.

The agreement will usually contain clauses relating to confidentiality and may also include an agreed reference and clauses relating to post termination restrictions.

It can be used in various scenarios including redundancy, disciplinary and performance issues or grievances and settling work place disputes.

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What does “without prejudice” mean?

It means that any discussions ornegotiations between the parties are confidential and “off the record” and cannot usually be used against the other party, if the negotiations break down and a claim is brought in the court or tribunal. An employer may also commence what is known as a “protected conversation” which is similar. If the employee has been placed under undue pressure or there is no genuine dispute, the discussions may not be “without prejudice” or protected from disclosure. Care should be taken in what is said in such communications, and you should seek specialist legal advice.

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Tees coronavirus update

We’re open and here to help you. We’re running as normal with our employees all working from home.

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As a flexible and technologically-adept firm, we already had many home-working systems in place. We have now rolled this technology out to all our employees working for clients, so they can continue to work normally - and from home.

If you are a client, please be assured you can get in touch with Tees and we are still working on your case. To replace face-to-face meetings, we have the facilities to do video-conferencing, conference calls or just speak on the phone, as you need.

Due to the circumstances, please call us if you would have wanted a home visit, and we can organise the best and safest way of being in touch.

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